Our league is coming up to a restart and I’m thinking about running some lizardmen. I’ve built the warband (4 hero’s, totem warrior with halberd. from memory lizard men came out with the lustria campaign, i think there was a dark elf warband at the same time. icant really emember, tho i. Hello! Several people have asked me about my Lizardman warband in Mordheim , and I’m doing a WIP thing for them. I was using my Seraphon.

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A lizardmen warband must include a minimum of three models.

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His chosen are marked by extremely thick scales and bony protrusions. The effects remain in play until the priest or the model is stunned or taken out of action. A Chameleon Skink is at —1 to hit at range, this stacks with the normal —1 for cover so they get a —2 if in cover. If this moves them into liazrdmen with an enemy they count as charging. Well, the season for the current Mordheim league ended and apart from the lozardmen who didn’t show up ever again I ended up dead last with my warband rating.

Chameleon Skinks are used to scout out the enemy for the High Born, they therefore can infiltrate see Skink Special Skills. He may charge with this extra move. Mordhei may have equipment from the Saurus Equipment list.

Saurus were created as excellent warriors but they lack in nearly everything else. Your name or email address: These Priests have a natural ability to wield lizardken magic it is not learned, but is believed to be a gift from the Old Ones themselves.

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They are powerful warriors whose entire bodies have been designed for combat. The lixardmen is immune to Psychology. If all the skinks are taken out of action, you may use leadership of saurus for route tests, but if only kroxigor is left, he routs automatically.

The extremely rare albinos are marked by the old ones. Skinks are small, agile and intelligent creatures bred by the Old Ones to run the day-to-day life of Lizardman society. I’m also glad I have more than just the three customized minis to play with in my warband because I had to mark on my minis bases with pencil to let me know which one was which. Only these reliable persons can be given the task of leading lizardmen warband.

Are you gay or something?

Mordheim Lizardmen

Yes, my password is: They can hide after their movement even if they ran in the movement phase but only if they started the movement hidden.

They use massive weapons that are often times chained to them so they do not drop them in favor of their natural weapons. Two bolts of Lightning shoot from the Priests eyes. Thanks to scenarios where I got to beat the undeath out of some zombies, I managed to get my guys up pretty high.

The sacred spawning of the Old ones is so rare, that only one member of the warband is allowed to have it.

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Tuesday, March 27, Lizardmen – from the Jungles of Lustria. The Skink has been trained in the art of stealth.

Lizardmen Mordheim Warband

As their name suggests, Chameleon Skinks have the ability to change their skin color to match the surrounding area. It was not a good day for the Star Band. This game seems to be doing pretty well so far, so I don’t believe it too far out of the question Originally posted by longwoodmagic:.

This advantage allows them more freedom to scout areas and set up ambushes much closer to enemy troops. Your warband may include up to 4 Chameleon Skinks. Both of these items are treated as a common item however Skinks may only use them on missile weapons. The model suffers a -2 WS penalty in hand to hand combat, but still may shoot normally. Your warband may include any number of Skinks.

This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts. The Temple Guard are the result of a particular sacred spawning. They are able to understand commands but their speech is very limited and they lack intelligence to really benefit from experience.

The second game I scored a bunch of gold, but it was a wash with losing a Saurus and having to rebuy him. A Lizardmn may not choose to take Strength skills.