Leipzig Connection has 58 ratings and 9 reviews. Camille said: Really interesting book about the merger of psychology and education. However, a caveat. W. Featured image from here. *Please also see this companion post about the original printing.. I don’t know exactly when Paolo Lionni. The Leipzig Connection. by Paolo Lionni Reviewed by Earle Fox. Lionni’s book ( paperback, 89 pp.) fills a gap in the history of the destruction of.

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It was control, and monumental egos, believing they could grab control of the levers of evolution — creating a new man. Many arguments have been put forth to the effect that our country’s educational problems are derived from the connectioon and extent of government involvement in our schools. Pestalozzi’s ideas were first introduced to the U.

While Rockefeller and his son wanted only the relative peace and tranquility of millions in the bank, divorced from the manner in which those millions had been gained and safe from governmental and public attacks, Flexner saw more clearly connevtion any other how that money could be used to further 3.

In the words of Gates: Boring’s A History of Experimental Psychology, 2nd ed. The following is a connedtion good summation of his life —.

Full text of “The Leipzig Connection”

For much more about what Hubbard used to create his spirit-hunting advanced levels please see this post —. That the other half doesn’t learn is obviously not the teacher’s fault, as this half heard what the first half heard, and exper- ienced the same stimuli. It served as the model for the many new laboratories that were developed in the latter part of the nineteenth century. In he played a leading role in founding the American Psychological Association.


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It can look over the territory of the Nation, note the places where there is a famine of learning, and start new educational plants of any species it chooses, or revive old ones. Dewey’s disciples Harold Rugg, George S. The case here is plainly stated.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Rockefeller and his son to form a series of great corporate philanthropies for forwarding civilization in all its elements in this land and all lands; philanthropies, if possible, limitless in time and amount, broad in scope, and self- perpetuating.

From this, he reasoned that words are not read by compounding the letters, but are perceived as “total word pictures. Operating through State, denominational, and individual systems of schools and colleges, it gives the financial controller power to impose upon its ,ionni its own views, good or bad, and thereby to dominate public opinion in social, economic and political matters.

Favoring Breezes 75 thought and made him trim his sails on an entirely new tack to catch the favoring breezes of prosperity. Sep 03, Vinicius rated it really liked it. Studies of the capacities and interests of young children indicate the advisability of placing little emphasis before the age of six 6. Other individuals will advance their own welfare and that of society by securing but one more year, others by two, others by three additional years. At the expense of the connectiob market for the rest paoll us, of course.

Standard Oil was the world’s largest monopoly, awash in money. Wundt himself was not unaware of the debt psychology owed him, and not altogether indifferent as to whether or not it was recognized. As this Williamette news article from shows —. Nevins, Allan, Study in Power: Historic capitalism, with its deification of the principle of selfishness, its reliance upon the forces of competition, its placing of property above human rights, and its exaltation of the profit motive, will either have to be displaced altogether, or so radically changed in form and spirit that its identity will be completely lost.


Menu Skip to content. I met Paolo when I was one of the very first paying students at the Delphian Foundation private school in Sheridan, Oregon. But the man who sensed the movements of scientific thought as Wundt did, who embodied them in the first laboratory, who gave them form in an influential system, and who imparted them to enthusiastic students who were proud to carry on his work, has no small claim to the title often accorded him, that of father of modern psychology.

Let alone around someone like me who tends not to miss much. At Columbia, Cattell shone as an organizer and publicist. Abels, Jules, The Rockefeller Billions: Here, Wundt was condensing and organizing the work of his contemporaries, with primary emphasis on the works of Herbart.

Artificial exercises, like drills on phonetics, multiplication tables, and formal writing movements, are used to a wasteful degree. As Wundt put it: Elimination of unessentials by scientific study, then, is one step in improving the curriculum.

Positioning 27 tion in the world for the training of teachers. Furthermore, during a period of two years 2. In it he investigated, per Schultz, His conclusions and methods were imported into an expanding American educational system and disseminated throughout that system to teachers, counselors, and administrators.

The implications of this work for psychology are of far greater significance than its content, for it served to divide the new science of psychology 1.