Konstantin Meyl (* August in Lemgo) ist ein deutscher Elektroniker und Energietechniker. Er ist seit Professor für Leistungselektronik an der. Professor Konstantin Meyl has a background in electrical engineering and field physics. His extensive knowledge of Eddy Currents made him wonder about. 8 results for Books: “Konstantin Meyl”. Product Details by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konstantin Meyl by KONSTANTIN MEYL’ ‘JOHANNES VON BUTTLAR. Currently.

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Edit wiki on beta. It treats free energy and interaction of neutrinos. The noted physicist Prof. Free Energy Blog December 2, Probably the concept of gyres made no sense to the author.

He also submitted this paper to the WMSCI conference, where it was published [5] kinstantin fourth time in the proceedings in summer Meyl submitted the same paper 5 days earlier to the journal DNA and Cell Biologywhere it was accepted and published [3] online in Oct.

Code[3] There was an error working with the wiki: The proximate cause of the retractions would seem to be just duplication.

Are we in danger? The author was immediately notified of this intolerable behavior and of our decision to redact the article. The discovery of the konsgantin vortex which occurred meyk the desk and not in the lab in the night of the 1.

You can use the following page to translate the German site: Scientific misconduct and forgery with publishing is simply not acceptable and those who take advantage of the involuntary and unavoidable weaknesses of the publishing system, have no place in our scientific community.

The Demo-Kit contains a simple waveform generator from 4 MHz up to 8 MHz, a pair of pancake coils with different resistance usable in various configurations as well as the required accessories. The optimization of efficiency by minimizing the conduction losses leads to the double-helix structure of DNA. Cites earth expansion as evidence of neutrino absorption credits Tesla with first describing neutrinos.


Power from Ambient Electromagnetic Radiation. The necessary energy required to power the chemical process is provided by the magnetic scalar wave itself. Konstantin Meyl, teacher and researcher in physics at a university in southern Germany, because of the more than years on-going cover up of scalar waves, decided in to construct an experimental kit, that shows how Nicola Tesla worked in the late s to detect scalar waves, which are longitudinal waves, not transversal, as the electromagnetic waves.

It contains the complete contents of all books about potential vortex including the non-published band 3.

“Way out there” paper claiming to merge physics and biology retracted

It allows to arrange a complete scalar transmission line without further equipment e. This article has been officially retracted from the Journal. Best Exotic Clean Energy Technologies. List of New Stories In German. Vacuum There was an error working with the wiki: It’s possible to purchase the different components separately. In the sciences, various chapters of the thesis are likely to be already published as peer-reviewed primary articles.

Just click on the ” There was an error working with the wiki: We are very interested in mryl measurements and conclusions and would be pleased, if you could send us your results.

Konstantin Meyl

Konstanton Experimental-Kit contains an extended waveform generator from kHz up to 10 MHz and an additional frequency counter and two additional pairs of pancake coils with half and twice of the wirelength. Lasted edited by Andrew Munseyupdated on June 15, at 1: To give you a glimpse of this: As a result of common konstanntin and frequently asked questions during the breaks and after the recitations of Prof.


Maybe a Freudian slip…. They all agree that the paper contains crazy science-fiction at best.

Konstantin Meyl – Wikipedia

The characteristics of the potential vortex are significant. The coil is encircled by a signal pick-up coil 30 connected to a measurement unit 31 and the coil is surrounded by a resonant circuit 4 formed by the coil 40 and capacitor The basic approach for an extended field theory was confirmed in with the discovery of magnetic monopoles. Dark Energy There was an error working with the wiki: Atmospheric Electrostatic Energy Directory: The books with the title?

He later submitted a shortened version of the same paper to the Proceedings of the Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium PIERS in Moscowwhere it was published a third time [4] in fall For the first time, this provides the opportunity to explain the physical basis of life not only konstantinn the biological discipline.

I am now informed that the supervisor CAN be a co-author if any part of the thesis is published.

Skalarwellentechnik : Konstantin Meyl :

Part 2 gives suggestions for the discussion in the seminar which concerns about the energytechnical aspect of scalar waves. Galactic Sea of Energy. His controversial views are counterbalanced by the opinions of other reputable physicists.

Konstantin Meyl explains his neutrino theory and what the deceleration of the earth’s rotation could mean for us. Contact Contact General contact: The award prooves the importance of the theory for the sector of the EMC.