Captain John Smith (–) Admiral of New England was an English soldier, sailor, and author. He is remembered for his role in. Smith as Unreliable Narrator in The General History of Virginia While John Smith did many things for the. In chapter 1, book 3 of The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles, published in , Captain John Smith describes.

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Captain John Smith, The Generall Historie of Virginia, New England & the Summer Isles ()

But now Smith being to jhn, the President’s authority so overswayed the discretion of Master Scrivener that our store, our time, our strength and labors were idly consumed to fulfill his fantasies. Matters of moment were to be examined by a Iury, but determined by the maior part of the Councell, in which the President had two voyces. To This Present They in the canoes let fly also as fast, but amongst them we bestowed so many shot [that] the most of them leaped over board and swam ashore; but two or three escaped by rowing.

Unless you would have me run away and leave the country I cannot prevent them, because I do make many stay that would else fly any whether. And whether the Bay were endless or how far it extended. Smith told them if only six of them would come unarmed and load his boat, he would not only be their friend, but restore them their Okee, and give them beads, copper, and hatchets besides: If he and Archer return again, they are sufficient to generzll us virgginia in factions.

By whose advice you sent him such presents I know not, but this give me leave to tell you: With divers others to the number of Our drink was water, our lodgings hisgorie in the air.

The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles – Wikipedia

Our captain sporting himself by nailing them to the ground with his sword set us all a fishing in that manner. The people, he told us, were all a hunting but in the isle was his house, to which he invited us cirginia much kindness. We remaining were about two hundred. Master Scrivener was sent with the barges and pinnace to Werowocomoco, where he found the savages more ready to fight than trade. Having gone so high as we could with the boat, we met diverse savages in canoes well loaden with the flesh of bears, deer, and other beasts; whereof we had part.

The others being come, desired us also to go but a little higher to see their houses.

Transcription from Original

Also the maps and descriptions of all those countryes, their commodities, people, government, customes, and religion yet knowne. But when evill men shall iniuries beginne; Not caring to corrupt and violate The iudgements-seats for their owne Lucr’s sake Then looke that Country cannot long haue peace, Though for the present it haue rest and ease.


Virbinia Newport we much suspect to be the author of those inventions. Thirty leagues we sailed more northwards not finding any inhabitants, leaving all the eastern shore, low islands but overgrown with wood, as all the coast beyond them so far as we could see. We digged and searched in many places but before two days were expired, we would have refused two barricoes of gold for one of that puddle water of Wighcocomoco.

For remedy of which sin, the President devised how to have every man’s oaths numbered. But he so much scorned their charitie, and publikely defied the vttermost of virginiw crueltie, he wisely prevented their policies, though he could not suppresse their envies, yet so well he demeaned himselfe in this businesse, as all the company did see his innocency, and his adversaries malice, and those suborned to vigginia him, accused his accusers of subornation; vitginia vntruthes were alledged against him; but being so apparently disproved, begat a generall hatred in the hearts of the company against such vniust Commanders, uohn the President was adiudged to giue him 1.

Amongst the rest he had chosen Gabriel Beadle and John Russell, the only two gallants of this last Supply, and both proper gentlemen. In their absence I followed the new begun works of pitch and tar, glass, soap-ashes, and clapboard; virtinia some small quantities we have sent you.

There we found the last Supply xmith new settlers] were all sick, the rest some lame, some bruised-all unable to do anything but complain of the pride and unreasonable needless cruelty virinia the silly President that had riotously consumed the store and to fulfill his follies about building him an unnecessary building for his pleasure in the woods had brought them all to that misery, that had we not arrived they had as strangely tormented him with revenge.

By this let all men judge how this business could prosper, being thus abused by such pilfering occasions. Smkth 12 laborers listed, including one named “Old William”. By using this site, you agree to the General of Use and Privacy Policy. Their request being effected, he substituted Master Scrivener, his dear friend, in the Presidency, equally distributing those private provisions the other had engrossed, appointing more honest officers to assist Master Scrivener who then lay exceeding sick of a calenture.

But it chanced our captain taking a histore from his sword not knowing her condition being much of the fashion of a thornback but a long tail like a riding rod, whereon the middest is a most poisoned sting of two or three inches long, bearded like a saw on each side, which she struck into the wrist of his arm near an inch and a half.

The cause of this discovery was to search [for] this mine of which Newport did assure us that those small bags hstorie had given him, in England he had tried [and found] to hold half silver; but all we got proved of no value. The second of JuneSmith left the fort to perform his discovery with smth company [Six gentlemen and Seven soldiers, and One doctor].

Peace, we told them, we would accept it, would they bring us their king’s bows and arrows with a chain of pearl, and when we came again give us four hundred baskets full of corn; otherwise we would break all their boats and burn their houses and corn and all they had.


Two barges he had himself and eighteen men. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Six weekes being spent in this manner, Captaine Newport who was hired onely for. Yet what he carefully provided the rest carelessly spent. Views Read Edit View history. But searching their habitations for water, we could fill but three barricoes [kegs] and that such puddle [water] that never till then we ever knew the want of good water.

Iames Brumfieldboy.

The Generall Historie of Virginia, New England, and the Summer Isles

Having neither surgeon nor surgery but that preservative oil, we presently set sails for Jamestown, passing the mouths of the rivers Piankatank and Genera,l. This as a miracle drew many to behold them, all which being a great part of his people, not long after died and but few escaped.

The transportation of the company was committed to Captaine Christopher Newporta Marriner well practised for the Westerne parts of America. And had not Smitth Newport cried Peccavi, the President would have discharged the ship and caused him to have stayed one year in Virginia to learn to speak of his own experience.

But arriving at Chickahominy, that dogged nation was too well acquainted with our wants, refusing to trade with as much scorn and insolence as they could express. And having done the best they could to content us, we parted good friends and returned to Jamestown. The want of the language, knowledge to manage his boat without sails, the want of a sufficient power knowing the multitude of the savagesapparel for his men, and other necessaries, were infinite impediments, yet no discouragement.

They were not sparing of their arrows, nor [of] the greatest passion they could express of their anger. At our first meeting our captain ever observed this order: By them we anchored that night and called them Rickard’s Cliffs. But the axes so oft blistered their tender fingers that many times every third blow had a loud oath to drown the echo.

Newport, Smithand twentie others, were sent to discover the head of the river: Some small cod also we did see swim close jhn the shore by Smith’s Isles, and some as high as Rickard’s Cliffs.

We watered at the Canaries, we traded with the Salvages at Dominica; three weekes we spent in refreshing our selues amongst these west-India Isles; in Gwardalupa we found a bath so hot, as in it we boyled Porck as well as over the fire. The book is one of the earliest, if not the earliest, histories of the territory administered by the London Company.