Iced!: The Illusionary Treatment Option [Gary Reinl, Dr. Kelly Starrett, Gabe Mirkin M.D.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “Topical cooling. For years people have iced their injuries, thinking it helps the healing process. Now Gary Reinl says we were wrong and has the research to. This week we take a moment to review the book “ICED! The Illusionary Treatment Option” by author Gary Reinl. Find out what we think of Iced.

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Ashley Stewart October 2, Reinl also writes in a captivating way which makes it easy for readers to renil his point: John Michael Bric August 19, Posted December 18, 0. Had I not, I may very well still be icing my body on a weekly basis, still believing it to be an effective method of treatment. I love playing golf and training golfers.

John Michael Bric October 17, Gary sites research in the book that showed icing actually increases the amount of fluid build-up in the damaged area by creating a backflow from the lymphatic vessels. History reinp Icing In the late 60s, there was a young boy who somehow managed to sever his arm on a railroad track. Hayden Buckley Professional Golfer.

John Michael Bric June 20, While Reinl spends most of the book telling us why icing is bad, he also gives us a detailed breakdown of which treatment options we should be using for specific injuries.


Play in new window Download. Gary has authored three books, including Iced: The rolled ankle of a child playing soccer during icrd, to the collegiate tennis player that strained her hamstring chasing down a drop shot, to the professional baseball pitcher that routinely deals with a sore shoulder after 7 intense innings pitched.

Book Review: “Iced” by Gary Reinl

The world of golf is changing in a big way If they exist I would love to read them so that Reiinl can incorporate ice into clinical treatments effectively. Demonstration of the Marc Pro. He eventually regained functionality in the use of his limb.

The former is necessary and vital for healing and latter is a deleterious effect of an injury. In the late 60s, there was a young boy who somehow managed to sever his arm on a railroad track. Additionally, his ground-breaking senior strength-building protocol has now been implemented in more than 1, senior living facilities. If you were to ask a medical doctor, personal trainer, athletic trainer, or even your mom then you would likely get the same answer from each one regarding the benefits of ice — it reduces pain and prevents excess inflammation.

The lymph vessels are split into small chambers. The Good Solid Argument: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Endorsed By Kelly Starrett: Rest and ice have not been found to be important factors for improving recovery times from iiced. Cryotherapy is thought to be the perfect home-remedy because of its ease of access.


He arrived at an emergency room with his dismembered limb.

ICED! The Illusionary Treatment Option

Latest News Hemp Oil for Golfers? By Jeff Pelizzaro on November 15, But do we want to prevent inflammation? Synergen3 Dietary Supplement This week we take a moment to review a new supplement to hit the functional fitness market — Synergen3: Shoulder Best Quality Liquid Chalk.

Gary Reinl Foreword by Dr. Try Pubmed or other publication databases and see what you can find — I searched and came up short on finding relevant articles showing the benefits of ice for acute soft-tissue injuries.

Hemp Oil for Golfers? Reinl is a good story teller and the book is full of real life examples and captivating stories from his own life that work well to emphasise his arguments.


Iced: The Illusionary Treatment Option: A Book Review

I agree; I do, by design, repeat myself in the book: Place the pads above and below the swollen or sore areas of the body, then turn up the intensity to as high as you can tolerate. Posted December 10, 0.

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