Gary Orren is a political science professor at Harvard Kennedy School Of Government in Cambridge, MA. Review Gary Orren’s ratings by students and parents. by Orren, Gary R. and Nelson W. Polsby, Editors and Lots of Data Tables & Charts. Currently unavailable. Product Details. Find new ideas and classic advice on strategy, innovation and leadership, for global leaders from the world’s best business and management experts.

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Engineering Communication The Power of Persuasion “Technical ability is obviously crucial to success in an engineering career.

Counter-intuitive sources and arguments 8. In any serious ideological confrontation the chances of success on this score are so remote as to exclude it as a rational objective. Aligning the key elements. Persuasion is an innate skill.

There are really two dimensions. Food StampsFood Stamps Australian immigration human rights vs.

Either you frame your issue, or you get framed. But of equal importance. Paraphrase your understanding of speaker’s words. Professor of Politics and Leadership at Harvard University where he has taught for the past 48 years. Opportunities seem more valuable when their availability is limited.


Other personal talents e. We think orrne have liked this presentation. We tend to assume that conversion is always our goal. Four types of attitude change Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback.

Humor which is self-deprecating, self-mocking, self-parody is effective reciprocation, concession, and vulnerability. It is mere manipulation.

Gary Orren

Share buttons are a little bit lower. They can be used to advance noble or pernicious purposes. But these marginal improvements can be decisive in how successful people are in persuasion. Can I tell my audience something that is scarce, new, or exclusive? Rather, people can make marginal improvements in their persuasion skills. People wish to be and to appear to be consistent with what they have already said and done. What is public speaking? For 10 years he also served on City Year’s National Board of Trustees, helping to spread the program throughout the U.

Know the audience and its predispositions 4. Why should the audience accept my word? Is persuasiveness fundamentally innate? De-activation Have your strategic objective clearly in mind. In any polemical exchange, make sure that you know several times more about a topic than you can conceivably use or show. Can I do this persuasion in stages so that I can get an initial commitment? The importance, relevance of an issue.


Persuasion is too hard. Info for the Media b. Tip of the iceberg. His late wife Merle, a neuro-psychologist who specialized in the rehabilitation of brain-injured patients, died in Where do we go from here? Ask questions for clarification with genuine intent to learn. Recall and number of points in the argument. Recommendations conveys objectivity, honesty 2.

Counter-intuitive sources and arguments. Persuasion principles are self-evident.

Gary Orren | EMScom – Executive Master in Communication Management

Information that is scarce, new, or exclusive should be stated early in a persuasion message establishing a strong reason for people to listen. Public Communication 1 Focus Questions 1. Preachers do it every Sunday. Substantive and stylistic concessions Listening is the cheapest concession you can make.

They have four grown children and two grandchildren. Professor Orren is a popular lecturer and public speaker. Be an active listener. Can I say something which is apparently contrary to my self-interest? How do speakers earn credibility? Power, Payment, and Persuasion 2.