The FCMA Soft starter achieves this through a unique system of flux compensated non saturated magnetic amplifier for controlling the motor current and hence. Frequently asked questions about FCMA soft starters. 1. What is the difference between an FCMA and conventional magnetic amplifier or saturable core reactor . Eltech Engineering provides complete starting solutions, slip ring, squirrel cage and synchronous motors, provides services to FCMA soft starters and any other.

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It also assists in enhancing motor efficiency. Advantages Customized starting on limited power source, smooth starting and acceleration. As the motor speed increases the FCMA impedance decreases due to the counter emf feedback to achieve incremental voltage and torque for the motor while keeping the current constant.

FCMA Soft Starter

Startee payback period Avoids fluid hammer Easy to install In built protection Designed for extreme operating conditions Programmable current and torque limits Programmable acceleration and deceleration ramps Two set point current limits Instantaneous protections The soft starting sequence A Soft starter normally operates in three distinct stages: Site Explorer Site Explorer.

Conventional motor protections are sufficient.

Closed transition hence no momentary fxma of supply. Posted by Hitesh Vadnagare at 3: The MC winding is magnetically coupled to the main winding and ER winding. It contains the wiring of 3-phase source input, the output to motor, and the bypass contactor connection. Low fault level on neutral side, highly economical, easy retrofitting on existing installations, Can be located near the motor. Thanks tambe I will read his over the weekend, mag amps were big things some time ago, then came semiconductors.


Neutral side connection Low fault level on neutral side, highly economical, easy retrofitting on existing installations, Can be located near the motor.

Unique FCMA technology, Low starting current, Amplitude control, Sinusoidal Waveform, Rugged magnetic woft No harmonics, No maintenance, Suitable for extreme weather conditions, Built in bypass for full voltage, Run Indoor and outdoor models Line or neutral models available, Optional soft stop feature.

FCMA Soft Starters

The Starteer is connected in series with the motor either on the line or neutral side, so that the starting current is limited to a low value. Why bunkering pump motor trip in the morning? Soft starter wiring The soft starter has following wiring connections: Metadata Show full item record.

And in maruti suzuki a renowned automobile company in India Working fine for more than 20 years A built-in bypass device closes to ensure full voltage running of the motor after starting, bypass operation can be starher, current or speed based.

Bypass contactor operation can be time, Current or speed based.

They can boost current and voltage at start, but it’s a voltage boost to initiate movement if the motor bogs at start, after which the boost voltage As the net flux is sinusoidal the FCMA does not generate any harmonics. The use of FCMA helps in optimizing power systems, increasing the life of components and reducing the capital cost and maintenance expenditure of pumping systems.


The values of starting current can be adjusted at site and six such adjustments are provided. Need serious technical arguments to convince the end customer for SCR soft starters. Available electronically from http: This technology has been successfully implemented for about MW motor power in the pumping sector.

It is also important to avoid disturbances in the power system in terms of overloading and other harmful effects like voltage and frequency dips and harmonics. JavaScript is disabled for your browser.

Even known as magnetic amplifier or series reactor soft starter. FCMA is totally non-saturable and hence does not generate any harmonics. No special protections are required for soft starters. This paper deals with innovative magnetic soft starters based on flux compensation technology FCMA. So, that is why your soft starter is probably tripping. Additionally the Genset will run at optimum load and efficiency, leading to fuel saving.

Such as the impact of the water pump, when the pump stops suddenly, the water flow About Me Hitesh Vadnagare View my complete profile. ER and MC options are designed to reduce the line current down to 1. Products Contact us China soft starters manufacturer Softstarter gozuk. Types of Soft Starters Various reduced voltage starting options have been available.