DPM BL-100303 PDF

BLU: Voltmeter 20vdc Lcd Panel Mount BLU: Panel Meter; Volt; Reflective LCD; DPM=+5VDC; Range=VDC; Terminals=13 Pins. BLU — DPM LCD 5V/MV BEZEL BLU, Jewell Instruments LLC, DPM LCD W/S 5V/20V. Серия: BL · Type: Voltmeter · Measuring Range. BL – Jewell Modutec – Test and Measurement Jewell Modutec; Description: Digital Panel Meters 3 1/2-DIG 5V/2V DPM; Qty In-Stock: click box for stock.

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Y92S for H7GP rubber gasket. A rubber seal supplied provides splashproof protection when fitted between the meter and mounting panel. For appliances, amusement devices, medical equipment, battery chargers. Panel cutout is All models mount in 2.

OMS and MSQ series are square meters with operating zero adjusters and scales printed on translucent plastic. Includes a built-in cycle bl-1003303, 5A SPDT relay output and serial communications capability, two signal inputs and eight input operating modes.

Gasket sealing design provides gasket sealing while allowing for quick modification and scale changes while maintaining the integrity of the instruments. Model E, is a 48 x 48mm dual-level preset counter that can be configured as a single bl-1003303 counter with batch control output. Available with 2 output relays; go online or call.



Price Each 95F Equipped with a transducer function for power active, regenerative, reactive and apparentvoltage current, frequency and power factor 4 to 20mA DC. EF series timers are provided with their own bezels. MCJR2S00 is 5-digit predetermining counter for cut-to-length, filling, batching, locating, and similar applications.

Backlight versions require power from an external VDC power supply. Very flexible input circuit with scaling feature accepts signals bl-1100303 encoders, NPN sinkingPNP sourcingand contact-closure inputs. Red Or Green 18M 17M Setpoint output can be assigned to the timer or counter value, and configured to a variety of control bl-10303 alarm requirements.

Programmable digital filtering enhances stability. Solid-state outputs interface to light-duty devices, while relay contacts offer heavy-duty load switching. NEMA 4 front panel protection when used in conjunction with mfg. With operating lever and spring assembly. Isolated mA and V T T Stock No.

The only programming required is range selection and input card setup. Units with transistor output also available; Go online or call.


Rate indicators provide a readout of epm any rate: BL positive image dark on green background; BL negative image, red segments on dark background. Choice of isolated plug-in options for control and computer interface: Snaps onto DIN rail.

Count speeds up to 20KHz. Price Each … … 98F All units feature a touchscreen and function keys to suit all environments and applications. For bezel mounting, order snap bezel separately; go online or call.

Screw terminals eliminate added cost of plug-on screw terminals or solder connectors. Sealed front panel meets NEMA 4 specifications. Models are available with front panel field or bl-010303 factory programmable alerts. Use SSAC mounting clip to secure relay in panel-mount applications.

Programs are stored in non-volatile memory with 3 levels of program lockout for security. All parameter settings are controlled by the front keypad via easy-to-use menu-driven format. Available in four differential input voltage ranges: