Cardew_Cornelius_Treatise_pdf (file size: MB, MIME type: application/pdf). Expand view. File history. Click on a date/time to view. Treatise & Treatise Handbook, By Cornelius Cardew – Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Treatise & Treatise Handbook, By Cornelius. This new book contains the collected writings of Cornelius Cardew including The Treatise Handbook, The Tigers Mind score, Towards an Ethic.

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Another manifestation of the commitment to develop my own reading was to play the score with other musicians. What is the relevant way of speaking about Treatise?

Perhaps in addition to shedding light on my own piece, these lemmas will also be useful for others who realize Treatise. Performances of Treatise are best undertaken and assessed on their own terms; grafting strategies or hanebook from one interpretation to another is unlikely to bear fruit.

The second task was then to locate these trends — to comb through the library and identify traits common to multiple recordings.

A Young Persons Guide to Treatise

We had all worked together in some capacity beforehand, but never in this particular quartet constellation; thus, a certain balance of compatibility and uncertainty was promised, both internally and with respect to the score. Performance “Reflection before treatisee performance.

On the one hand, VC take their approach to its logical extreme. In order to bridge the experiences of Treatise from the inside and the outside, I decided to interweave historical recordings of select pages with original interpretations.


Treatise Handbook

Numbers and dots in both recordings, for example, often though not always represent repeated events and percussive punctuations respectively, acting as clear markers carcew a seemingly looser whole.

However, in the Lange and the BBC recordings, symbols are easier to identify as gestures or discrete events within the musical discourse. He floats above the score; the resulting music is facile and obvious. My solution was to zoom out, not focusing systematically on symbols and rules but rather on a story embedded in the progression of the notation from beginning to end. Affirming the relativism of Treatise in this way implies that any interpretative approach, any path through the piece, is in itself valid.

If you are unable to get a copy of his Mammoth new biography above or are looking for an introduction, this is the place to start. All these shades of temporal complexity created second-order disjunctions — both between the recordings and between the collage and the score — in the process of layering recordings in my collage.

Flipping through the score from beginning to end, I see the path of a narrator drifting through relationships with shapes, figures, and numbers who come and go; traveling through natural, industrial, and psychological landscapes of all sorts; and, despite obstacles and momentary destruction, moving on. A line or dot is certainly an immediate orientation as much as a thread in the fog.

This has the highest recommendation from this site, along with the below book of Cardew’s writing. And what can my written intervention offer these perfectly self-sufficient virtuose other than needless complication?


Christopher Williams Tactile Paths. Hinrichsen Edition, Peters Edition Limited. Often what we do is what tells us what we have in mind. But the same cannot be said of each realization ; not all performances are equally convincing.

Schulkowsky had played and continues to play it regularly often in the company of Treatise veteran Christian Wolff. Cornelihs began with the score. Indeed making A Treatise Remix revealed far more about my own assumptions and methods than about Treatise per se. The other anchor is the musical staves at the bottom of each page, which are identical, except for occasional minor cosmetic variations.

We worked regularly over treattise long period of time, ending up with a 2-hour version of the piece For immediately it stands in relation to the thick central stave line, which would correspond in some way to the track made by the man walking.

It resumes in p. Treatise Treatise Handbook Recordings: These instruments were selected completely ad hoc, and techniques for playback had to be learned during the rehearsal corneliue.

Media Library Return to Text. Kotik met Cardew in Warsaw inand they began exchanging scores by mail, including Treatisewhich was a work in progress. University of Chicago Press.

I shall return to this point.