Learn how to send plain text and html emails with ColdFusion in this Free Open Source training course For sending emails ColdFusion provides the cfmail tag. cfmail to = “recipient” from = “sender” cc = “copy_to” bcc = “blind_copy_to” Added several configuration options to the ColdFusion MX Administrator Mail. The problem with this is that you can use ColdFusion’s CFMail tag to send to multiple recipients by using a comma-delimited list of email.

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Sending and Receiving Email.

Samples uses of CFMAIL

Add the cffmail attribute to your cfmail tag and give it the value “html”. The message priority level. In case the mail server requires authentication, you will need to provide a username and password as well. Added the SpoolEnable attribute. Mail Mail By Guust Nieuwenhuis. Message recipient e-mail addresses: Post as a guest Name. ColdFusion provides a wrapper around the cfmail tag that is automatically available.

The message priority level.

For a list of all registered MIME media types, visit www. Eliminates adjacent duplicates when data is sorted by the specified field. When you specify multiple mail servers in ColdFusion Enterprise, ColdFusion tries the available servers in the order they are listed until it connects to a server.


How do I use the CFMail tag to send mail from my ColdFusion pages?HostMySite

A value that includes a port specification overrides the port attribute. Can be a valid MIME media type or one of the following: Can be one of the following values: Number of seconds to wait cfmall timing out connection to SMTP server.

Alternatively, you can change the encoding on the Mail page in the ColdFusion Administrator. These values override the corresponding attributes, if any.

Addresses to which to copy the message, without listing them in the message header. If a line has more than the specified number of characters, replaces the last white space character, such as a tab or space, preceding the specified position with a line break.

Name of cfquery from which to draw data for message s. The following list includes commonly used values:.

Send basic email message overriding default SMTP server. If it is not specified, the first entry in the keystore is chosen as the alias.

For example, to send messages that give customers status updates: For the second issue, there is an easy solution: A password to send to SMTP servers that require authentication. Message recipient email addresses. See the following example. If you specify multiple mail servers in ColdFusion MX Standard, the cfmail tag uses only the first server in the specification.


Address es to which to copy the message, without listing them in the message header. If you want to colxfusion a look at the wrapper, you will find it at the following location: This query is then used to send a notification to each of these testers that a new version of the beta release is available:.

To group on case-sensitive records, set this attribute to Yes.

Mail | Learn CF in a Week

The tag has three required attributes:. Alias of the key with which the certificate and private key are stored in the keystore. A common value for this attribute coodfusion