Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) Tingkat Bawah Borang permohonan penangguhan boleh didapati di Portal Rasmi PTPTN www. Buy a PTPTN pin number from BSN: RM5 per application and it is valid for 6 months. (II) Prepare . Borang Permohonan Penangguhan Bayaran Balik. • Borang. Pihak IPT perlu membuat permohonan kepada PTPTN sekiranya ingin . a letter to PTPTN or fill in“Borang Permohonan Penangguhan Bayaran Balik” and.

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Subsequent disbursement will be made to students according borany the following conditions:. Course fee deduction can be arranged between student, IPT and the participating bank.

The boranb will be automatically deducted from the loan every semester. Peminjam bertanggungjawab untuk membayar balik jumlah pinjaman PTPTN yang dikeluarkan kepadanya termasuk kos-kos lain seperti kos upah, perlindungan takaful, cukai Setem Hasil dan lain-lain bayaran seperti yang dinyatakan dalam Dokumen Tawaran Pembiayaan.

The source of information for this brochure is derived from PTPTN and it is subject to changes without prior notice.


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Valid for six 6 months from the date of purchase. Subsequent disbursement will be made to students according to the following conditions: Still pursuing study penanggugan the approved level, course and IPT; Has passed the previous semester examinations with a 2.

Obtaining a GPA of less than 2. Kos upah Ujrah secara bulanan akan dikenakan bermula pada bulan ke 7. Peminjam borag membuat bayaran balik lebih awal tidak akan dikenakan kos upah dalam tempoh 6 bulan tersebut.

Tempoh bayaran balik bagi peminjam yang membuat pertukaran Ujrah adalah berdasarkan baki pinjaman. Submit a copy of the Offer Letter from the new institution to PTPTN so that they are aware of your intention to complete your studies abroad.

What happens if I submit penangghan online application after the deadline? Application submitted after the deadlines will be processed at the next available date s.

Penangguhan PTPTN

PTPTN repayment period can be shortened but cannot be extended. Payment completed within six months after graduation will not be charged any interest. What are the conditions permissible for me to extend my loan period?


PTPTN only allows the following: Changes in course structure, which lengthen the entire broang of the course. The loan period is shorter than the course duration.

Health problems Am I eligible for the remaining loan if I complete my studies earlier than the actual completion date? The loan is only for the duration of completion of studies, be it at an earlier date or the normal completion period.

Soalan Lazim

The repayment is based on the total loan you have received including administrative costs. I was given a loan to fund my borzng studies.

Upon completion, I would like to continue with my Degree programme. If you are transferring to another institution before completing your programme, you will need to settle the loan extended before applying for a new loan. The overall amount must not exceed RM65,