10, Dreams Interpreted [Gustavus Hindman Miller] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Gustavus Hindman Miller’s groundbreaking. Dreams Interpreted has ratings and 48 reviews. Gustavus Hindman Miller’s groundbreaking masterwork, published nearly a century ago, remains. 10, Dreams Interpreted Paperback New edition by According to Gustavus Hindman Miller, every symbol that appears in a dream has its own unique.

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On February 19,I was boarding with a family on Christopher street, New York, while my wife and baby were visiting my parents in the country, a short distance from the city. Dreams transpire on the subjective plane.

10, Dreams Interpreted: A Dictionary of Dreams by Gustavus Hindman Miller

One feels that there is a force unknown, proceeding, not from our physical organization, but from that in us which can think. Our baby was taken sick. They are heard and seen, ny there is no artistic recognition of the same. In mathematics we have nine digits from which an infinite variety of combinations may be formed and solved by the deduction of the mind. Paperbackpages. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. The following excerpt from The Unknown[1] a recent book by Flammarion, the French astronomer, supplemented with a few of my own thoughts and collections, will answer the purposes intended for this book.

This, though burdened with many business cares, I have honestly endeavored to do.

hijdman Frequently the soul becomes so filled with material or present ideas, that the spiritual symbols are crowded out, and then it is that dreams seen to be contrary. Subjectivity is the spiritual part of man. It is through the higher self we reach the infinite.

Man has a physical or visible body, an atom of the physical or visible earth. The latter is always deeply prophetic, especially when it leaves a vivid impression on the conscious mind. The two planes are dependent upon each other. In December,I saw in a dream my brother-in-law, Henry Yarnell, suffering from a bloody knife wound; after this I awoke, but soon fell miller again.


Consult with your whole nature or circle before beginning a serious work; partial consultations, or material advice only, often brings defeat of objects sought, when a true home counsel would have brought success and consequent happiness.

It seems to me that we cannot reasonably attribute the prevision of the future and mental sight to a nervous action of the brain. Again, you may have a similar dream and not receive a letter or cross water, but the waking life will be filled with the other dream pictures and you will experience disappointing or pleasant surprises as are indicated by the letter or water sign. You fail to find the same fragrance in the rose at all times, though the same influences seemingly surround you; and thus it is that different dreams must be used for different persons to convey the same meaning.

The introduction is complete and interesting. It is through the lower self we fall into the whirlpool of matter. The physical sun sends its light into the dark corners of the earth, and God, the Spiritual Sun, imparts spiritual light into the passive and receptive soul.

Dream Dictionary (10,000 Dreams Interpreted – by Gustavus Hindman Miller)

They know that by gross living the sense of conscience may be dulled, or that by jindman living it may be strengthened. A magistrate sees hlndman years in advance the commission of a crime, down to its smallest details. Can the constitution of the brain explain this projection?

Their meaning is often wrapt in symbols, but sometimes the actual as it occurs in objective life is conveyed. Dreams that are common occurrences and are thought by the world to be meaningless.

This is how all science has been started. Man is a little circle or world composed of the infinitesimal atoms thrown off from the great circle or parent world, and fitting into his place in the zone of life. After eliminating all contingencies arising from clerical error and counteracting influence, the prognostication is sure of fulfilment.

Sodom and Gomorrah, vile with the debauchery of a nameless crime, were not deserted by the angel of love until the fire which they had hindjan in their souls had consumed them. Thirdly, the spiritual dreams are brought interpfeted by the higher self penetrating the soul realm, and reflecting upon the waking mind approaching events.


10,000 Dreams Interpreted

There are also those who cannot distinguish one color from another. But as soon as a man lives or hindmam a thing, that thing instantly becomes a part of his soul; hence, the clairvoyant, or mind reader, never perceives beyond the personal ego, as the future belongs exclusively to God or the universal mind, and has no material, subjective existence; therefore, it gkstavus be known except through the channels of the higher self, which is the Truth or the Word that is constantly striving to manifest itself through the flesh.

Then the spiritual man is living alone in the future or ahead of objective life and consequently lives man’s future first, developing conditions in a way that enables waking man to shape his actions by warnings, so as to make life a perfect existence.

There are many people who have no natural taste for music, and who do not know one note from another. It has some old-fashioned interpretations, but that is why I like this book.

They seemed to be fighting to a frazzle. It left out sexual dreams. This variety gustvaus scheme runs through all creation. Through the long hours of many nights I have waited patiently and passively the automatic movement of my hand to write the subjective definitions without receiving a word or a single manifestation of intelligence, and hinxman the mysterious forces would write as fast as my hand could move over the paper.

More reference than reading material.